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Zero to One Case Course

Business People in Meeting

10-hour Practice-based
Coaching Course


SGD 1,161


SGD 981

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Coaching Course Guide


Rigorous 1-on-1

10-hour Coaching 

Our 9 Live + 1 Recorded

 practice-based coaching course equips you with the critical techniques to crack the most important case interview types.

There's no shortcut to success without practice. We believe 10-hour structured coaching is the minimum requirement.

Realtime Actionable Feedback

It's hard for beginners to complete a whole case, thus coaches will provide real-time feedback throughout the session, allowing you to work on improvement areas and perfect each part of the case interview.


(You can request to receive feedback at the end of interview if preferred)

Progress Tracking with Access to All Coaches

You have access to book all coaches on the platform. Your progress will be tracked through written evaluation forms thus coaches are aware of progress and your improvement areas in each session. 

Suitable Candidates

This coaching course is suitable for beginner to medium-level candidates  

Interview coaching style is tailored to the targeted candidates instead of a standard mock case interview practice.

Coaching Plan 

Below is the coaching plan for reference. This is the most comprehensive and rigorous practice based coaching course you could ever find to make you truly ready for case interviews.

Zero To One Course.png

Case Interview – Profitability 1

In this session, candidate would practice to solve profitability problem. It also serves as a diagnosis session to understand the candidate’s strength and weakness

Case Interview – Profitability 2

Profitability being the most commonly tested case type, there are different variations of it designed to trick candidates. In Session 2, the candidate would try to solve a difficult that requires the candidate to flexibly apply key concepts and eventually master profitability case type

Case Interview – Market Entry

In this session, the candidate would practice to solve a market entry problem. The candidate would learn fundamental business concept and structuring approach that can help you solve a market entry problem.

Case Interview – Market Sizing

Market sizing is seldom given as a standalone case but it’s included in the many case interviews to test your structuring and calculation capability.

Case Interview – Merger and Acquisition

Commercial Due Diligence (CDD) is a common project in strategy consulting, therefore M&A and investment knowledge are tested in case interview. In this session, the candidate would learn important concept incl. valuation, revenue/cost synergies, etc.

Case Interview – Weakness Tackling Session

Case interview weakness is different among candidates, therefore it is necessary to have additional sessions to tackle the specific improvement areas of the candidate. Practice makes perfect.

Case Interview – Intro to Case Interview (Free Recorded Session)

In this recorded session, candidate will gain insight into how case interview works, different types of case interview as well as useful tips to stand out in the interview process

Case Interview – Product Launch

In this session, the candidate would practice to solve a product launch problem. The candidate would learn fundamental business concept and structuring approach that can help you solve a product launch problem.

Case Interview – Opportunity Assessment

In this case type, you are asked to evaluate which of the options is the most recommended for the client.

Case Interview – Irregular Case

A irregular case might come up in the case interview process that it’s hard to directly apply an existing framework. In this session, you will learn to develop a framework from scratch using the hypothesis driven approach.

Session 0

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Session 4

Session 5

Session 6

Session 7

Session 8

Session 9

How to Proceed?

After making the purchase of Zero to One Coaching Course at the package page, you will receive Session 0 recordings via email. In the meantime, you can start booking your first Case Interview - Zero to One session at the professional booking or student booking page. 

Please note that you must verify yourself as students before purchasing at student price. For verification instructions, please see here.

Success Stories

Our result speaks louder than words.

Coached by a real consultant is like seeing a chef in action, unparalleded to reading a cookbook.

 Zheng Wei, Business Analyst Offer, Kearney Singapore (Coached by Sean)

Interview coaching is the best decision I've made.

I FINALLY received an offer from Bain Singapore. In the beginning, I practiced cases just like other students. I read casebooks and practiced 70 cases with my friends. I thought I had read through all the materials and was fully prepared, but I failed both BCG and Kearney interviews at the first round when I applied for an internship. During my final year in university, I was invited for an interview with Bain. I know this is my last chance and I have to give all in, so I decided to get help from case coaching. I talked with three coaches on the platform Candice (Bain), Cody (McKinsey) and Sean (Kearney), because I wanted to get prepared for different styles of interviewers. They really provided me with great insight on how my performance is evaluated and what specifically I should do to improve, which I never thought about. Looking back, it was a tough preparation journey, but I’m glad that I made the right decision.

Jeslyn, Associate Consultant Offer, Bain Singapore

Still Unsure?

Let us talk! The best way of finding out if interview coaching is necessary for you is through taking with a working consultant. Our group of passionate coaches are equipped with industry expertise and actual interview experiences, and most importantly, a passion to help you succeed. Book a free consultation session or trial coaching session to find out more!

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