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Success Stories

Our coaches have helped a lot of candidates land jobs in both top-tier consulting and non-consulting industries. Below are testimonials from some of the successful candidates. Pseudonyms are occassionally used to protect candidates' identity.

Flexible coaching approach that suits my learning needs

First time paying for professional coaching services and I didn't regret a single cent spent. Sean was very flexible in this coaching approach to suit my learning needs coming from a non-business background with little experience in management consulting. He was able to pinpoint the gaps in my approach towards cases and provide me with valuable feedback that was specific to my style which cannot be found in case books and online resources which gives a more general framework. I was immediately able to put the advice in to practice in a mini exercise during the second half of the session to confirm my understanding which was very helpful as well. This coaching session really helped me get ready for my interviews and prepared me well for the nuances. Thank you!

Wesley, Summer Business Analyst Offer, Kearney Singapore

Interview coaching is the best decision I've made.

I FINALLY received an offer from Bain Singapore. In the beginning, I practiced cases just like other students. I read casebooks and practiced 70 cases with my friends. I thought I had read through all the materials and was fully prepared, but I failed both BCG and Kearney interviews at the first round when I applied for an internship. During my final year in university, I was invited for an interview with Bain. I know this is my last chance and I have to give all in, so I decided to get help from case coaching. I talked with three coaches on the platform Candice (Bain), Jianlin (McKinsey) and Sean (Kearney), because I wanted to get prepared for different styles of interviewers. They really provided me with great insight on how my performance is evaluated and what specifically I should do to improve, which I never thought about. Looking back, it was a tough preparation journey, but I’m glad that I made the right decision.

Jeslyn, Associate Consultant Offer, Bain Singapore

Reassured that consulting is the career for me after talking with Stephen.

If you are going to have a career change then talk to Stephen for career consultation! I didn’t dare to speak to Stephen in the beginning because he’s much more senior than me. But it turned out that he’s really really approachable. He helped me really understand who I am, evaluated different career options and explained whether  consulting is right for me. I immediately began my case coaching journey after talking with stephen. The case coaching sessions with other coaches were held very professionally which simulated the actual interviews. These mock sessions with Case Prep Zone literally prepared me well for my first management consulting interview.  My final round with McKinsey was a random case just as what coach told me. Thank god I learnt the technique to crack a random case. Thank you coaches!

Alvin, Business Analyst Offer, McKinsey Singapore

Value for money and high evaluation standard.

I have switched to Case Prep Zone from other coaching platforms that charged me over $150 per hour which is 3 times more! I wanted to invest in my own career but as a student, price was my concern. I did not expect coaching sessions’ standards to be comparable to other platforms given this price. BUT THEY EXCEEDED MY EXPECTATION. Case coaching services I used are based in the U.S and Europe. Case types are similar, but it didn't really simulate the interview experience in Singapore in terms of evaluation benchmark. I feel the expectation of coaches on Case Prep Zone is higher and pickier to point out my mistakes. Maybe because generally it’s more competitive to get into consulting in Asian market. But I really appreciate it because setting a high standard for myself really helps ace case interviews. 

Jiahao, Consultant Offer, Oliver Wyman Singapore

Regained confidence in myself after case coaching.

As a fresh graduate wanting to break into the management consulting industry, I spent a lot of time reading the case books and the online practice materials. But all these efforts do not lead me to one single offer. It made me wonder if I’m not fated to be a management consultant. I decided to give my final shot to case coaching services. I chose Case Prep Zone because their price is very affordable!! I have had a few career coaching sessions with Stephen who provided me with valuable guidance for career and for life. I also had case sessions with Sean and Jianlin who guided me patiently in my case practice. I just received my offer from Kearney, Roland Berger, Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting a few days ago! Big thanks Case Prep Zone!!

Ken, Multiple Offers (Kearney, Roland Berger, Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting Japan)

Mastered the right approach to crack any case.

Hypothesis! What’s your hypothesis? Why? I still remember the first case coaching session I had on Case Prep Zone, I was pressed so hard by Candice (Bain). I heard a lot about the importance of hypothesis-driven approach for case interviews, but not until the session with Candice, I realized that I actually haven’t learnt the essence of it. She taught me step by step on how to solve a case using hypothesis-driven approach. Though it took me more than 3 sessions afterwards to fully grasp it (I know my brain is a bit slow…), I’m glad that I realized I had this weakness before the actual interview and I know practice makes perfect.

Kevin, Senior Associate Consultant Offer, Bain China

Interview preparation done by myself was far from enough.

Zehao is a great coach with exceptional industry knowledge. Initially I thought I was fully prepared for the interview, after talking with Zehao, I realized I’m far from fully ready. During mock fit/behavioral interviews, he provided insights from different angles, unlocked great ideas, kept challenging my assumptions and explained clearly how to convey the right message in a punchy and concise way. He is enthusiastic, patient, knowledgeable and I have learned a lot from him. With his professional career advice, I have nailed my interview and have gotten my current job. 

Celine, Strategy & Operations Offer, Salesforce Singapore


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