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Premium Course

​Premium Course is suitable for medium to advanced candidates who aim for perfection and seek end-to-end support in their final sprints. For beginners, please see Zero to One Course.

Business Meeting

9-hour Customized
Coaching Course


SGD 1,548


SGD 1,308

Premium Course Guide


8-hour Customized

Coaching Service

6 interview coaching sessions with 1 free recorded session and 1 free consultation session (Total of 8 hours) to get you fully prepared for any cases.

Detailed lesson plan will be customized to your needs after discussion with your coach

1-hour End-to-end 

Interview Support

Your dedicated coach will provide up to 4 consultation sessions at 15-min each after your actual interview to provide next stage preparation advice and understand your potential improvement areas to adjust coaching plan. 

50% No-offer Refund 

Your success is our success. If you don't get an offer within 6 months after your purchase, we will give you 50% refund. Effectively you only need to pay the same price as 6 case interview coaching sessions but received 9-hours of coachings if you don't get an offer.

Suitable Candidates

This package is suitable for medium to advanced candidates who is looking for last mile targeted support to be fully ready for upcoming interviews.

This package is NOT suitable for beginners.

Our Coach

Only selected coaches can provide premium coaching service due to significant time commitment required.



Manager, Singapore



Manager, Singapore

Huhe Yan.jpeg


Consultant, Singapore





Sample Coaching Plan 

Below is a sample coaching plan for reference. Actual coaching plan of the 7 coaching sessions

(1-hour each) will be adjusted to best fit the needs and goal of the candidate based on coach assessment.

Premium Package_Updated.png

Interview Strategy Consultation

Share with coach about your background, case experience, target company, expectation based on which coach would recommend personalized preparation strategy and customized coaching plan

Case Interview – Profitability 1

In this session, candidate would practice to solve profitability problem. It also serves as a diagnosis session to understand the candidate’s strength and weakness

Case Interview – Profitability 2

Profitability being the most commonly tested case type, there are different variations of it designed to trick candidates. In Session 2, the candidate would try to solve a difficult that requires the candidate to flexibly apply key concepts and eventually master profitability case type

Case Interview – Market Entry/Product Launch

In this session, the candidate would practice to solve a market entry or product launch problem. The candidate would learn fundamental business concept and structuring approach that can help you solve any case of this type.

Case Interview – Merger and Acquisition

Commercial Due Diligence (CDD) is a common project in strategy consulting, therefore M&A and investment knowledge are tested in case interview. In this session, the candidate would learn important concept incl. valuation, revenue/cost synergies, etc.

Weakness Tackling Session

Areas of improvement are different among candidates, therefore it is necessary to have additional sessions to tackle the specific improvement areas of the candidate. Practice makes perfect.

Fit/Behavioral Interview (PEI)

Fit/Behavioral Interview preparation is critical to showcase your passion to consulting and the company. It is especially important to pass the McKinsey PEI. If the candidate thinks it is not needed, it can be changed to a case interview session.

How to Proceed?

Before making a purchase, please check coaches' availability at the professional booking or student booking page or contact to ensure your preferred dedicated coach has the bandwidth to conduct the sessions.

After making the purchase of Premium Course at the package page, you will select a dedicated coach by booking your first Case Interview (Elite/Expert) session at the professional booking or student booking page. 

Please note that you must verify yourself as students before purchasing student package. For verification instructions, please see here.

Still Unsure?

Let us talk! The best way of finding out if interview coaching is necessary for you is through taking with a working consultant. Our group of passionate coaches are equipped with industry expertise and actual interview experiences, and most importantly, a passion to help you succeed. Book a free consultation session or trial coaching session to find out more!

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