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Guide to Student Rates (non-MBA)

We provide top-tier consulting interview coaching services at special rate, well below industry average to all students (excl. MBA), because our coaches have a heart to help you succeed.


Before we can grant you access to our special rates scheduling page, we need to verify your identity by the following simple steps. Please be assured that your personal information will be kept strictly confidential.


Sign Up

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(click at menu bar)

Sign up for an account with your school email. Please remember to fill in your school name during sign-up.


​Upload Student Card

Student Card with Expiry Date.jpg

Upload a picture of your student card with expiry or admission date, otherwise please provide alternative documents to prove your student status. Our staff will get back to you with a confirmation email within 1 hour.




Schedule Now.jpg

Once your verification is confirmed, you can now log in and start scheduling with special rates!

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